Communists adopt bitcoin

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“The left must take the blockchain seriously,” says the author, adding that the communists have joined with libertarians to achieve monetary emancipation.

Use blockchain to “take advantage of the means of monetary production”. This is how the book written by philosopher Mark Alizart, Cryptocommunism, begins. He argues that technology provides a basis for building new types of institutions outside of capitalism: “platforms of collective ownership that facilitate the administrative needs of communities.

He calls the Bitcoin Evolution app whitepaper a revolutionary manifesto that proclaims that we can negotiate without bankers, on the same level as Martin Luther’s proclamation that we don’t need priests for salvation or Oliver Cornwall’s declaration that we don’t need princes to rule. In the brief summary, the author says:

“To the extent that they allow us to ‘collectively appropriate the means of monetary production’, to paraphrase Marx, and replace ‘the government of the people with the administration of things’, as Engels argued, they form the basis of a political regime that is beginning to look like a communism that has finally materialized – a cryptocommunism.

For the author, the blockchain presents a way out of the democratic deficit seen in both communism and capitalism, allowing communities to build their own collectively managed monetary institutions.

The book has received evaluations and has been called “insightful” because of its approach to a technology that many consider “right-wing”.

“Bitcoin is essentially a 21st century communist manifesto,” says Red Pepper, a magazine founded by the socialist movement in the 1980s after the defeat of mining strikes.

“The left must take the blockchain seriously,” the magazine says, adding that the communists have joined with libertarians to achieve monetary emancipation.

The community has long argued that there is room for the left in the blockchain, especially when it comes to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), which can be described as collectives or Citizens Assemblies.

A Universal Basic Income would also be much more easily created in the blockchain, and the removal of middlemen seeking rent in general would naturally be an attractive proposition to the left and right.

In fact, the “independent” left and right have a lot in common, as both aim to weaken the abuses arising from the dynamics of power.

It was therefore about time that the “left” officially entered the scene. Thus, showing a remarkable quality of how bitcoin managed to unite Christians and Muslims, Blacks and Whites, Westerners and Asians, and now communists and the alternative right.